Wedding card artwork

Just need to get this out there prior to my first non food post – I AM NOT AN ARTIST! I try and mostly fail, but once in a while I’ll make something I’m happy with. But, for the most part, any artsy thing I try, I fail.

Scott and I have been married for almost 2 years now. We got married at the Inn at Park in Louisville KY. It was just us and our 10 favorite family members and friends. It was PERFECT – no stress, no having to go around and say hi to everyone, just our favorite people in the world who came from OH, NH, CA, DC to celebrate with us. Here’s one of my favorite photos


We also had a fantastic party at my parents house in NH that year. Between those 2 events, we got some cards…a lot of cards. Being the emotional sap that I am (my nickname was cornikens growing up) I kept all of them…in a pile…on a shelf…taking up lots of space.Then I saw this on pinterest from


Cute artwork made from baby shower cards. I decided to use this idea for our wedding cards.

I decided to just do 2 smaller, 8×10 frames because I still am not sure where I want to hang it. Also, instead of a white backdrop I printed out our wedding vows onto card stock and glued the cards right to that. First I printed out a heart on powerpoint and cut it.


Then used that as a template on all of the cards


This is more fun at the end of the day with a cocktail 🙂


Then I arranged a bunch of them randomly (basically, I didn’t trust myself to make even rows) on our vows and used a glue stick to glue them down. Scott made fun of my glue stick use and told me I needed to use elmers glue with a popsicle stick- he better get used to it. And voila, the final product!


I’m really happy with how they turned out! Scott likes them too. Now we just need to figure out where to hang them. We have a spot in our hallway and above our bed. We tend to wait until there are a bunch of things that need to be hung up and then have a hanging day. These are going in the pile for the next hanging day!

On a side note- I went to buy some tulip bulbs yesterday for another fun pinterest find and who know you could only buy them at certain times of the year? Oops, guess that project will wait until fall!